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Why Do You Need To Survey My Vehicle…? Can’t You Just Google It?

Jul 20, 2020 by Wrapture Graphics

Why Do You Need To Survey My Vehicle…? Can’t You Just Google It?
Commercial Vehicle Wrap Survey

A free vehicle survey from Wrapture Graphics ensures the best results for your commercial vehicle wrap.

Commercial vehicle wraps for your fleet of vehicles is a smart marketing choice on your part. That may be the most visible and effective marketing you do for your company, so you need to make sure it's done right. That's why Wrapture Graphics performs a brief, but detailed free vehicle survey of your cars and trucks before starting any project.
It only takes about fifteen minutes, but this ensures the designers at Wrapture can give you the very best results for your business.
Much to everyone's surprise, there isn't actually a fully comprehensive database of vehicle templates — believe us, we've searched! But there is an array of small modifications a vehicle owner may have made that can make a big difference in the actual vehicle surface space. Encountering any unexpected detail like fender trims, aftermarket mirrors or bumpers, and replacement parts that are "almost" OEM can skew your final image on your vehicle. Depending on the size of the fleet, the person ordering your wraps may not even be aware all these non-standard details that may be on some of your vehicles. This survey gives the designers at Wrapture the opportunity get exact measurements and dimensions so your commercial vehicle wrap will have a custom fit to showcase your brand at its best.

You know the old saying — "Measure twice, cut once!"

Your own business probably operates the same way — it's always best to have a full on-site assessment before you develop a quote. You don't want any unexpected surprises to turn your perfect plan into one hot mess. The same goes for your fleet graphics marketing. So, spend a little upfront planning time with a free vehicle survey from the team at Wrapture Graphics. Vehicle graphics may be the most cost-effective marketing you can do, so ensure you get the most for your money by doing it right the first time.
 PieEyed_FoodTruck_Window Survey
One more tip from your partners at Wrapture: regardless of how subtle a vehicle modification may be, don't do it after the post-survey quote has been done. Here are a few examples that can greatly impact the outcome of your vehicle wrap project:
  • Changing your pickup bed to a service body bed 
  • Ladder racks that cover the body 
  • A different bumper that covers up fender parts 
  • Spare tires 
If it is absolutely necessary, contact Wrapture immediately to stop production, and plan to re-survey the vehicle after the modification is finished. Better safe, than sorry.
The highly qualified staff at Wrapture Graphics is ready to work with you to get your commercial vehicle wrap marketing on the road! Get started on your project by requesting a quote from Wrapture.

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