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What is vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a custom made laminated vinyl film, designed and printed to be installed on the body of the vehicle, usually for the purpose of advertisement. It could be a partial wrap, which covers some part of the vehicle, or a full wrap, in which case, the vinyl film is applied to cover all part of the vehicle perfectly such that it looks like paint, although unlike the custom paint job, it is designed to be removed.

How is a vehicle wrap designed?

The Wrapture team is made up of professional designers and wrap installers with over a decade experience in the industry. The process of wrapping a vehicle begins with the design process. Here, our team of designers will work with the client to come up with his or her perfect design, which will not only be pleasing to view, but also serve all of its advertisement purposes and appropriately generate sales. After the design has been completed and the client is 100% satisfied, it is sent in for printing.

How are vehicle wraps printed?

At Wrapture Graphics, we make use of modern and advanced latex printing systems to ensure accurate transfer of all parts of designs in terms of color schemes, resolution, and realistic imagery.  Our print lab is color calibrated using Xrite and Caldera tools.  Our process is also MCS certified by 3M.

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