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When to Update Your Vehicle Wrap

May 28, 2024 by Wrapture Graphics

When to Update Your Vehicle Wrap
A quality car wrap can add personality and pizzazz to your vehicle. For small businesses, an eye-catching layout will establish a brand and attract new customers. When you've found a design you love, it can be hard to let it go. Unfortunately, even the highest quality car wraps face their share of wear and tear. 
How will you know when it's time for an upgrade? Here are some things to look for and keep in mind as your wrap ages. 

Consider Your Wrap's Lifespan

Just like food, car wraps have a rough expiration date at which point they begin to lose their luster. If you've previously purchased a Wrapture design, it likely includes a "best buy" decal. This date gives you an idea of when your wrap has served its purpose and you're ready for an update. 
If you chose a different company for your initial design, your best bet is calculating how many years the wrap has been on your vehicle. After about four years, the wrap may no longer be able to be removed cleanly. This can land you extra fees and frustration in the form of paint damage. 
Although it's tempting to save money by not purchasing a new wrap, your wisest investment in the long term is to keep your design fresh. Fortunately, with the average wrap lasting 4-5 years, your car should only need around two in its lifetime. 

Check for Signs of Wear

Depending on the quality of your wrap — and the terrain it's been exploring — you may notice other signs of age and wear. Colors may begin to fade, which is harmful for businesses using company vehicles to get brand recognition.
Another warning sign is cracks in the wrap's laminate. Unfortunately, this problem only gets worse and is better to address right away. The longer you let these spiderweb-like fractures spread, the harder your wrap will be to remove and replace. 

Vehicle Wrap Experts

If you're looking to update your vehicle's wrap, look no further than Wrapture Graphics. Our designs and installation experts will transform a company car into a moving brand billboard. Contact us today to find your perfect wrap. 

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